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Achieving the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: Bathroom Edition

Achieving the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: Bathroom Edition

With 90s staples like claw clips, cargo pants, and plaid skirts on full display, walking into your local department store can feel like unintentionally stepping back in time. As millennials, we said our goodbyes to these 90s staples long ago, but that’s not stopping some of us from trying them out again — if only for the sake of nostalgia. Not feeling the urge to swap your skinny jeans for cargo pants? Don’t worry, you can still partake in the fun because 90s trends are slowly taking over the interior design space too. From floral wallpaper to oak cabinetry, these beloved trends are helping us sprinkle some much-needed personality amongst the millennial grey backdrop of our homes. So, if you’re ready to transform your stylish yet sterile spaces into a cozy 90s sitcom set, we’ve got the design tips to help you get there!


Color Blocking: If there's one design trend that epitomizes the bold spirit of the 90s, it's color blocking. This playful technique, which involves pairing contrasting hues to create visual interest, is making a colorful comeback. Not quite sure how to visualize this aesthetic? Just picture Monica Gellar’s apartment on "Friends." The famously placed bright yellow frame set against her purple front door perfectly illustrates the striking contrast of color blocking. Whether you're a fan of bold primary hues or prefer subtle pastel tones, there's no denying the impact of this eye-catching trend. So, channel your favorite 90s sitcom character and have some fun experimenting with color-blocking in your home.


Stainless Steel and Chrome Fixtures: Move over gold and black—stainless steel and chrome are the new top picks for bathroom and kitchen fixtures. These polished finishes add a touch of contemporary glamour to interior spaces while providing durability and functionality. But before you go all out replacing your old fixtures, try swapping out one instead. Our favorite combination? Black and chrome. The moody monochromatic combination of black and chrome, often seen in high-end sports cars, creates a similar upscale vibe in your bathroom, without the hefty price tag of a new ride.


Floral Wallpaper: Hate to break it to you, but if you ever gave your mom a hard time for her love of floral wallpaper, it might be time for an apology. While floral wallpaper has long since been considered an outdated choice, interior designers are embracing its whimsical warmth and charm — proving that granny-chic is in! Not quite ready to commit to covering an entire room in florals? Even a small pop of floral wallpaper can work wonders, adding depth, texture, and a hint of vintage charm — so start small and build up from there.


Beige and White: In sharp contrast to floral wallpaper, is another 90s mega-trend, beige. Sure, it doesn’t sound too inspiring, but when paired with crisp white accents like subway tile, it adds a warmth and coziness that many modern homes are missing. Consider adding a beige bathmat, towels, and a shower curtain with subtle beige stripes or patterns. Or for a truly 90s vibe, you could install beige trim or molding along the edges of the walls or around the mirror. Whichever way you choose to go, incorporating these beige accents will provide warmth and dimension to your bathroom, without detracting from its clean, minimalist aesthetic.


Oak Cabinetry: Last but not least, let's talk about oak cabinetry. Once a staple of 90s kitchens and bathrooms, its warm tones and natural grain patterns add a sense of warmth and character to any space. Picture how much warmer your own bathroom would be with the addition of an oak vanity. Regardless of how you style it, oak is a truly timeless design choice that naturally exudes the cozy warmth and elegance of a much-loved childhood home.


Understandably, the '90s fashion trends we worshipped as teens might not feel quite as right on us as adults. So, why not embrace the spirit of the '90s in your home instead? Whether you're drawn to the whimsical appeal of floral wallpaper or the timeless elegance of oak cabinetry, there's something for everyone to love about these once-forgotten trends.

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