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Sustainability in the Bathroom: How Refillable Soap Dispensers Make Everyday Earth Day

Sustainability in the Bathroom: How Refillable Soap Dispensers Make Everyday Earth Day

Today is Earth Day — a day to celebrate our environmental achievements and raise awareness for all that has yet to be done to protect our Earth’s natural resources. On a personal level, Earth Day is all about reflecting on our own habits and the many changes we can make in our daily lives to contribute to a more sustainable future.


While many of us are well-versed in recycling and reducing our plastic usage in the kitchen, there’s one area that often gets overlooked, the bathroom. Unfortunately, this small but mighty room is one of the worst culprits. From shampoo and conditioner bottles to disposable razors and hand soap, the list goes on. Luckily, there’s a simple solution that can help you reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing your beloved product collection — refillable soap dispensers.


How can refillable soap dispensers benefit the environment? We’re so glad you asked.

Reduce Single-Use Plastics: Take a moment to count the number of product bottles gathering dust in your bathroom. While we’re willing to wager there are more than a few, we’re not here to judge. But we are here to tell you that there is a better alternative. Refillable dispensers allow you to purchase your favorite products in bulk, so you bring home fewer single-use containers for your products and send fewer empty ones to the landfill.

Less Energy Consumption: The production of single-use plastic bottles requires significant amounts of energy, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Buying in bulk (using recycled containers) reduces how often your household purchases new packaging — conserving energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Promotion of a Circular Economy: Refillable soap dispensers are also a prime example of a circular economy in action. By refilling the same dispenser with soap refills (in recycled containers), you can minimize your need for new materials and contribute to a more resource-efficient economy.

Cost-Effective: Not only are refillable soap dispensers better for the environment, but they’re also easier on your wallet. While the initial investment may be slightly higher than purchasing single-use plastic bottles, the cost per ounce of soap is significantly lower with refillable options — saving you a good chunk of change in the long run.

Encourages Conscious Consumption: Having a refillable soap dispenser in your bathroom also serves as a daily reminder of the importance of mindful consumption and waste reduction. It encourages us to rethink our purchasing habits and opt for products that align with our values of sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Making the switch to refillable soap dispensers is a small yet impactful change that every single one of us is capable of achieving. But to make the switch even easier, we’re sharing three of our favorite models, so all you have to do is click “Add to Cart.


CLASSIC Shower Dispenser 4 Chamber: Practical and convenient, this four-chamber model stores all your favorite bathroom products at your fingertips. From shampoo and conditioner to body wash, this easy-to-use dispenser even has a leftover chamber for your most indulgent bathroom product. The best part? Its touch button and pump design dispense the perfect amount of liquid every time, making it perfect for the whole family. And with 14.5 fl. oz. (430 ml) chambers, you won’t have to worry about constantly running to the store to refill them either. Just load up in bulk and enjoy all the time (and money) you won’t be spending on single-use products.


AVIVA Shower Dispenser 3 Chamber: If the CLASSIC dispenser isn’t calling your name, the AVIVA Shower Dispenser might be the one for you. Its stylish design can store and dispense three products in 11oz chambers for convenient and modern shower organization. This model also comes with integrated storage hooks for razors and accessories — so can conveniently store all your shower essentials in one place.


ULTI-MATE Shower Dispenser 3 Chamber: Perfect for those looking for a more compact storage solution, this small but mighty dispenser has it all. No really, it does. In addition to three refillable chambers, this all-in-one solution has a built-in storage shelf, soap dish, anti-fog mirror, and storage hooks. Who could ask for more than that?


Admittedly, switching to refillable soap dispensers may seem relatively minor, but when it comes to sustainability, even the smallest steps count. So, join us as we celebrate Earth Day by embracing refillable soap dispensers and making a positive impact on our environment, one shower at a time.

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