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Boost Your Hand Hygiene on National Set a Good Example Day

Boost Your Hand Hygiene on National Set a Good Example Day

As we gear up to celebrate National Set a Good Example Day, let's zoom in on a practice that's been in the limelight since the pandemic hit: handwashing. You might be wondering, "How can something as simple as hand hygiene make such a big difference?" Well, it's not just about keeping germs at bay — it's a responsibility we owe to ourselves and those around us.

The good news? Good hand hygiene doesn't have to feel like a chore. Our stylish and functional soap dispensers can be filled with your favorite scents — transforming an otherwise mundane chore into a delightful daily ritual. Not sure which dispenser is right for you? Well, sounds like the perfect time to get to know them a little better.


FOAMA Touchless Soap Dispenser: Whether you’re in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room the FOAMA Touchless Dispenser’s automatic, sensor-activated foaming action will transform your handwashing experience. Simply fill it up with your favorite foaming (or diluted liquid) soap and enjoy the luxurious feel of the soft, velvety foam. This model also comes with three adjustable volume levels and a 'Drop to Stop' function, so your family can keep their hands clean without flushing excess product (and money) down the drain.


CLEVER Soap Dispenser: Tired of starting your day tidying up cluttered countertops? Then allow us to introduce you to your new bestie, the CLEVER Soap Dispenser. This (easily installed) wall-mounted model won’t take up even a millimetre of your precious countertop space. It even comes with two integrated hooks that allow you to keep precious items (like your wedding rings) safe and dry while you incessantly wash your hands to avoid getting taken down by the fifth cold and flu virus to enter your home this year. If you know, you know.


TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser: Contact germs got you down? Not any longer. Our TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser’s hygienic hands-free infrared technology eliminates the risk of spreading contact germs on your soap pump. Plus, this model is compatible with approved gel hand sanitizers and comes with adjustable settings. That means you can dispense the exact amount of soap required to keep your hands surgically clean without touching a single button or lever. It doesn’t get much more hygienic than that!


Tidy Spaces and Hygienic Places Go Hand in Hand

Let's not overlook the environment where all this magical handwashing happens. Decluttering and reorganizing your bathroom does more than just set an example of cleanliness, it creates a much-needed sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Because let's face it, a clutter-free space equals a clutter-free mind.

By making an effort to keep your bathroom tidy, you can start and end your day in a calm and serene space, instead of being surrounded by clutter and chaos. And when you actually like the vibes of your bathroom, you won’t mind spending a couple of extra minutes washing your hands — making it a win for hand hygiene too!

Whether you're adding stylish dispensers and pleasant scents to your handwashing routine, giving your bathroom a makeover, or helping out a stranger at the grocery store remember: every small step counts. As you lead by example, you're not just improving your space, you're inspiring others to do the same. So, here’s to clean hands, happy lives, and setting a good example for all!

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