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Unplug and Unwind: Creating a Serene Bathroom Sanctuary for National Unplugging Day

Unplug and Unwind: Creating a Serene Bathroom Sanctuary for National Unplugging Day

With nonstop notifications, endless emails, and our nightly Netflix binge sessions, most of us spend more time looking at screens than anything else. Although our jobs are to blame for a large portion of our screen time, we also turn to screens as a way to unwind at the end of the day. And as relaxing as it may feel to watch your favorite comfort show after a hectic day at the office, studies show too much screen time actually intensifies our feelings of stress and anxiety.


To combat this, on the first Friday of March, we celebrate the National Day of Unplugging— a day to step away from our electronic devices and reconnect with the wonderful world beyond the screen. By consciously unplugging from our devices, even for a short while, we can reclaim a sense of tranquility in our lives. So, this year, in honor of National Day of Unplugging let’s disconnect, unwind, and relax without our screens — don’t worry we have a few tips to make the transition a bit easier.


How to Create a Tech-Free Bathroom Oasis 

Imagine, stepping into a room free from the relentless pulse of the digital world, where your mind can quieten and disconnect from the ceaseless symphony of beeps and pings of modern existence. A magical place where voices from screens and smart devices are gently replaced with the soothing whisper of water and the soft hush of tranquility. Sounds pretty nice, right? But to experience this for yourself, you need to create a tech-free zone and resist the urge to bring your smartphone with you everywhere you go. Here are a few tips to help.


  1. Designate the bathroom as a no-phone zone: Leave your phone outside the bathroom or place it on silent mode in a designated "no-phone" basket. This simple act sets the intention for a tech-free morning and helps minimize distractions.
  1. Remove other electronic devices: Take the plunge and remove all electronic devices from your bathroom. That includes any tablets or laptops you use to binge Netflix while you’re in the bath. Yes, really. Removing these electronics reduces digital distractions and creates a space for uninterrupted reflection and relaxation.
  1. Embrace analog alternatives: Remember years ago when we went to the bathroom with nothing more than an old magazine or the back of a shampoo bottle to read? Lean into the nostalgia and reach for analog alternatives to your smartphone. That could look like subscribing to your local newspaper rather than reading the headlines online, jotting down your thoughts in a journal instead of a mindfulness app, or simply enjoying a paperback book while soaking in the tub.


Remember, our brains weren’t designed to be constantly bombarded by information. Being online all the time is a relatively new phenomenon, and our brains haven’t had time to adjust. So, while these old-school practices may feel unfamiliar initially, your brain will be immensely grateful for the break.



Implement Mindful Daily Practices

With the digital distractions out of the way, let's focus on mindfulness. Use your time in the bathroom as an opportunity to cultivate a sense of presence and intentionality.

  1. Engage your senses: Notice the warmth of the water as it envelops your skin, the scent of your favorite soap or shampoo, and the sensation of each breath as you move through your daily routine. Spending moments fully present in your body is a simple yet powerful way to tune out mental chatter and just be.
  2. Practice deep breathing or meditation: When we are feeling stressed or anxious our breaths tend to be short and shallow. Take a moment each morning to focus on the rhythm of your breath while you’re in the shower. If you notice your breathing is short and shallow, take a few deep and intentional breaths to slow things down, quiet your mind, and maybe even spend a few moments meditating before moving on with your day.
  3. Embrace self-care rituals: Use your morning grooming routine as a time for self-care. Choose nourishing skincare products and establish a practice of speaking kindly to yourself in the mirror while you apply them. This can feel weird at first, but the benefits of positive self-talk definitely outweigh a bit of awkwardness between you and yourself each morning.


As challenging as it can be to disconnect, do yourself a favor and spend today offline in honor of National Day of Unplugging. Who knows, after a quiet day offline, you might even be inspired to make it a weekly practice.

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