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Streamline Your Spring Organization with Better Living's Functional Bathroom Organizers

Streamline Your Spring Organization with Better Living's Functional Bathroom Organizers

As Daylight Saving Time makes way for brighter evenings and warmer weather makes its long-awaited comeback, it’s safe to say Spring is finally here. And just as Spring reawakens nature, the arrival of this refreshing season awakens an innate desire to break free from the gloomy shackles of winter and welcome the season of rebirth. So, if you’ve been feeling the itch to reorganize and welcome the new season with a fresh and inviting space — we’ve got the functional products to help you do just that!


AVIVA Shower Dispenser 3 Chamber: Imagine if you will, a bathroom free from the tyranny of scattered shampoo and body wash bottles. If that sounds more like fiction than fact, you probably haven’t met the AVIVA 3 Shower Dispenser. This compact model conveniently stores three products (shampoo, conditioner, and body wash) and dispenses the perfect amount every single time! So, in addition to getting those pesky shampoo bottles off your shower floor, the Aviva works double time to save you money by preventing product waste. With integrated storage hooks for frequently used bathroom accessories like razors, the Aviva keeps all your shower essentials at your fingertips — making those sweat-inducing everything showers a bit easier to manage.


VENUS 3-Tier Shower Caddy: For those who like to mix things up with an array of shower products, our VENUS 3-Tier Shower Caddy is the organizational product of your dreams. Its tri-level structure provides ample storage for all your soaps, shampoos, and luxurious hair masks. The best part? This model is specifically designed to store bottles upside down, so you can enjoy every last drop of your beloved products. But the perks don’t stop there either. With integrated hooks and a handy soap basket, this multifunctional organizer is the GOAT of shower organization. Whether you share a bathroom with your entire family or are simply a beauty product enthusiast, the Venus will help you get all of your products off the floor — so you can start Spring off on the right foot. 


SMART 4 Shower Bench: While your bathtub may be a haven of comfort, you probably don’t view your shower in the same light — until now that is. Our SMART 4 Shower Bench instantly transforms an otherwise uninviting space into a safe and relaxing spa oasis. With its extra-large seat and adjustable, non-skid rubber feet, this seat can be safely used by those with limited mobility. Not one for sitting in the shower? Our customers use this versatile model outside the shower too! Place it beside the bathtub to comfortably bathe your children without the backache or next to the shower to conveniently moisturize your legs post-shower. Regardless of how it’s used, this versatile shower seat is guaranteed to make your bathroom activities more comfortable than ever — making it a must-have in our books.


HiRISE 4 Tension Shower Caddy with Mirror: Whether you're managing shared family areas or streamlining your own shower regimen, our HiRISE 4 Shower Caddy is a game-changer in organization. Boasting four spacious adjustable baskets and inverted bottle holders, it offers generous storage for bathroom essentials while maximizing product usage. Plus, its spring-loaded tension pole adjusts to ceiling heights from 5' to 9', ensuring adaptability to different shower setups. With an integrated fog-resistant mirror, you can also enjoy in-shower tasks like shaving and at-home facials with ease. The bottom line? If your shower is overrun with products and accessories, but you haven’t found a solution that can contain the extent of your collection — it’s safe to say you’ve finally met your match with the HiRISE 4.


As you embark on your journey to revitalize your space this Spring, remember that organization is the key to a fresh start. With the right organizational tools, you can quickly transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of tranquility and order. So, get ready to bid farewell to the clutter and chaos of your Winter hibernation, and welcome Spring with a freshly organized space worthy of the season.

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